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January 12th, 2012-- Today marks the second anniversary of the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The 7.0 earthquake shook the vulnerable nation creating, arguably, one of the largest urban disasters in recent history. According to OCHA, approximately 2 million individuals were affected by the January 2010 earthquake and approximately 500,000 remain in displacement camps today. Since January 2010, the country suffered further with the cholera outbreak in October 2010 and flooding due to Hurricane Tomas in November 2010. The rebuilding process has begun, but has yet to prevail prosper and funding is scarce. 

In the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquakes, our organization participated in defending the Human Rights of earthquake survivors forcibly evicted from displacement camps via petitions and policy drafts directed to the United Nations and Government of Haiti. We will continue to support the victims of Haiti and defend the rights of those still affected by the devastating earthquakes.

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ntless reports and reflections to be found on the www, tv, and radio. Below, we have selected a few of those to highlight and we will add to it in the coming days. We have also included an article, co-written by one of our directors Kathleen Bergin, which was recently published in the journal Human Rights Brief. Please take a few moments today to remember the people of Haiti and the challenges they still face. 

 Enforcing Remedies from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Forced Evictions and Post-Earthquake Haiti  Nicole Phillips, Kathleen Bergin, Jennifer Goldsmith, & Laura Carr

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