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Haiti: One Year Later

 January 12, 2011

One year later the island is still devastated, and for some people, conditions are worse than they were last January.

Today marks the first anniversary of the earthquake, and a million people still live in squalid tarp camps that offer no protection against the blazing heat or monsoon rains.  People are literally starving in the camps because aid workers in many cases are being denied access inside.  The cholera epidemic has obviously made the situation that much worse.

In November, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights directed Haiti to take steps to improve conditions in the camps in a response to a petition brought by You. Me. We. and other human rights groups. The challenge now is making sure the government complies with the directive, and that requires repeat follow-up investigations.  

Please take a moment today to remember the people of Haiti and continue to support efforts to effect change to the inhumane conditions in which they live.

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